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What do I do when Iím not working on novels, games, stories and screenplays? Now you can find out! (OohhÖ feel the excitement.)



This is my number one passion. I love to golf. Those who are golf nuts will totally understand, those who arenítÖ well, I canít really explain it. Itís an addiction that you really have to experience.

I play about 50 rounds a year Ė Iíd play more but work and winter get in the way. Iím a high single digit handicapper. My best round was a one over par 73 at the Raven Crest golf course here in Edmonton, though I chipped in on the last hole for a birdie to pull it off. Rest assured, if I ever break par it will be the lead story in the News section on the website.



I shoot a mean game of 8-ball. Well, maybe not mean. But surly. I used to play on a regular team in the Wal-Mac leagues here in Edmonton. Last year we went to Vegas for the VNEA World Championships; we didnít win, but we had a great time.

KOTOR Trivia: My billiard team is the original source of the name for a popular character in the Knights of the Old Republic game. My team was made up of 4 players with the last name Harrison, and 1 player (me) with the name Karpyshyn. So with 4 Hís and 1 K we were going to call ourselves the HK-41ís. But we decided HK-47 sounded more intimidating because of the well known AK-47 rifle, so we became the HK-47ís. Several years later, when I went to work for BioWare, I tacked the name onto the homicidal Hunter-Killer robot assassin who joined the player on his quest.


Magic the Gathering

Nothing proclaims my sci-fi/fantasy geekness more than my addiction to Magic. If thereís an official DCI tournament in the Edmonton area, chances are Iíll be there. I donít play on-line yet, but if I do Iíll post my handle in the news section so you can say hi if you see me there.


If you donít know what Magic is, then the best way I can explain it is a mix of Dungeons and Dragons, poker and baseball card collecting. Check out the official website if you want to know more.



Iím a huge sports fan - the ESPN website is my default start-up page for both work and home. My favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA: Iíve been a fan ever since the days of The Admiral, and I love watching Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and the rest of the team. (Incidentally, I share a birthday with Manu Ginobli.)


Iím also a diehard NFL fan, and I jumped on the Chargers band wagon a few years ago when they drafted Drew Brees. (Although I was never a fan of Drew BledsoeÖ weird, huh?)Even though Brees has gone to New Orleans, Iím still cheering L.T. and the Bolts on Ė and looking forward to a Chargers/Saints Super Bowl in 2009!


I also enjoy watching golf Ė no surprise there. I marvel at the greatness of Tiger Woods and I enjoy watching him win majors as he marches his way towards Nicklausís record. But Iím always cheering for my fellow Canadians on Tour, especially Mike Weir and Stephen Ames, so itís nice to see them doing well over the past few seasons.


I used to be a fan of the NHL, but I grew up watching the Edmonton Oilers of the 1980ís, with Gretzky, Messier and the rest so I think I was spoiled. The game has changed, and even with the recent upswing in scoring I still donít enjoy hockey like I used to.